Casa do Vinho 37.748189,-8.630589

Beginning of the dirt road 37.731762, -8.633690 Use this one for your navigation system!

Driving directions:
Lisbon Airport - Valindo
Faro Airport - Valindo

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M +351925071248
M +31627013836
The Netherlands


About us

When we bought Monte Valindo in 2005, there was no electricity and there were lots of brambles, a challenge! Since 2014 we live permanently at our Monte and are able to enjoy all seasons.!

No stress, but exerting the daily work that is a farm with vacation home. With years of experience in the hospitality industry, organic agriculture, health-care, technique and our creativity, we take great pleasure in executing our endless series of plans.

We are especially active outdoors and maintain Monte Valindo ecologically and sustainably, so we do not use pesticides. We’ve discovered that only strong indigenous trees and plants survive here, and we are taking small steps towards Permaculture. All this we do with respect for all that lives as we enjoy the refreshing sunny climate, the crickets, the moon, the ocean and the tranquility.

And we’re here for the wishes of our guests; if you desire contact, or you seek seclusion, we respect your requests.

Monte Valindo is good for are welcome!